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    Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Susan Fisher, ND, about commonly asked questions on food sensitivities. A bit about Dr. Fisher: sh...
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    Flax eggs or ‘egg alternatives’* are a necessary component of vegan bakes. When water is added to grounded flax seeds, over a few minutes, they bec...
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    If you're like me and love to scan supermarket snack aisles in search of DELICIOUS dairy-free cheese flavoured popcorn, only to be disappointed tha...
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  • Steve's Meal Planner: No More Dairy

    My name is Steve and I love to eat pizza, pasta and burgers and have sometimes called myself a "carbivore". I am not too keen on spicy flavors and really enjoy savory tastes like sharp cheddar and peanut butter. When I learned I needed to follow a dairy free and gluten free diet, the floor fell out from under me - I did not know where to start. Here are a few of my suggestions for when you're starting out.
  • Welcome to Parenthood.

    I've been living dairy-free for years, but when I became a mom things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.