What could be “Better than Eggs”?

Flax eggs or ‘egg alternatives’* are a necessary component of vegan bakes. When water is added to grounded flax seeds, over a few minutes, they become gelatinous, and in more likeness to an egg white. Absolutely necessary to keep the structure of your vegan bake. Saggy pizza slices, crumbly cakes and burgers could benefit from more of the binding power a flax egg contains.


Better than Eggs is a Ucopia product that is 50% ground flax and 50% ground chia seeds. The added benefit of ground chia seeds means an even stronger structure and higher nutritional value. Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants like quercetin, protein, and soluble fibers. Altogether, a flax & chia seed egg can help support healthy blood sugar levels, hormonal balance, and weight management.


1 flax/chia egg = 1 chicken egg   


How to make a flax/chia egg: 

1 tbsp flax/chia egg + 3 tbsp warm water. Let gel for 5 minutes.


*Other good ‘egg alternatives’ are applesauce and smashed bananas.