Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy

Currently shipping within Ontario, Canada. Free shipping for purchases over $70.00.  Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing outside of Ontario.


Videos: How to see us make the product

We are building an online library on YouTube where you will be able to watch all our mixes being created. Please reach out to us on YouTube and request which mix you'd like to see made into a video next on our channel Ucopia Food Sensitivity-Free Mixes


Are your oats gluten-free?

Yes.  We only use certified gluten-free oats.  Our families enjoy these baking mixes too.


Do you make anything with wheat, gluten, eggs, or dairy?

No.  Our family doesn't consume those ingredients.  We just don't use them in our business.   


Do you use modified ingredients?

No.  We strive to keep chemicals, fillers, and preservatives out of our bodies. Our families enjoy these baking mixes too.


I can't eat <insert your issue>?

You're welcome to email us and ask us to make something special on our next production run.  We have alternative recipes we use for special requests.  The test kitchen is always ready for new adventures and our home testers live for fresh baked goods.