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We are a family of four generations, who used to eat everything. Food was a great source of shared pleasure & fun in the kitchen. But, we were all battling some issue with food individually. 

In 2013, we discovered that our symptoms all led back to inflammation. We also learned that we shared a genetic vulnerability to dairy proteins. Having prematurely lost loved members already, we investigated and learned why diabetes and chronic inflammation is part of our family history. Dairy does provide nutrients for health; but in the genetically predisposed, it can trigger autoimmune disease like insulin dependent diabetes as well as promote chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation opens the door for so much more.

 Our passion for not giving up food that was easy, tasted great, and was packed with nutrition brought our vision, and products, to life.  When life slowed down at the beginning of the pandemic, we took the risk and are choosing to share our knowledge with others.

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I spent years trying to lose the same 10 lbs. I was an avid runner, and ate healthy, really healthy. Despite that, I couldn't shake the extra weight. It took me four years of naturopathic medical school to understand that food sensitivities are inflammation magnets, and removing them from the diet can change everything. Two weeks after eliminating dairy, I lost those 10 lbs.

Following suit, my husband no longer has gastrointestinal pain everytime he eats a large meal, and my son’s skin is eczema-free. Our avoidence of dairy, gluten and egg has paid off, and now we can start to reintroduce a few old favourites. But strangely enough, much of the time we actually prefer our allergen-free staples.


We really started taking Food Sensitives seriously when our daughter was born. She wasn't sleeping well. We weren't sleeping well. We needed a solution and not the “she'll grow out of it attitude".

Any parent wants the best for their child and fears that they will miss out on life. Thus the journey to make everything gluten free, egg free, dairy free as normal as possible.

 Steve spent years believing that he didn't have any food sensitivities, but to support the family he made the change. He hasn't looked back. And the rest of us are just happy for the extinction of the epic farts. 

About Us
About Us