Waffle & Pancake Mix
Waffle & Pancake Mix
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Waffle & Pancake Mix

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A waffle iron brings out the best of this recipe and reduces time spent in front of the stove

Ingredients: organic oat flour, organic sorghum flour, organic cane sugar, organic millet flour, organic arrowroot starch, organic quinoa flour, organic teff flour, baking powder (corn free), xanthan gum, pink salt, nutmeg. 

Always made with real whole foods, Ucopia is about bringing back food favorites. More nutritional than traditional pancakes, while also being gluten free, dairy free, egg free...and free of so many other allergens.

We're pretty hungry in the morning so we prefer the speed of waffles, but they're great pancakes too.

Cooking instructions:

All you need to start:
500 to 800 ml plant based milk
2 "Better Than Eggs" (flax & chia seed meal) or eggs 
1 tbsp oil for pancakes, 2 tbsp oil for waffles

Step 1:
Prepare Better Eggs: 2 tbsp meal with 6 tbsp water.
Allow to gel for 5 minutes.

Step 2:
Mix wet ingredients and then add package mix.
(the more milk you add the lighter the mixture will be)
Stir to completely combine.
(if you mix lightly and let sit the mixture will rise for fluffier outcome)

Step 3:
Pre-heat nonstick fry pan or waffle maker.

Step 4:
For pancakes: spoon onto pan to desired size, smaller cooks faster of course.
For Waffles, follow machine manufacture’s guide.


Top Tips:

Keep adding more milk or water to reach your desired pancake/waffle consistency. Gluten-free pancakes are less "pillow-fluffy" than gluten-full pancakes, however they're still soft, and should never be hard.

Packaged weight: 311 grams